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Drivers Needed

Do you like to drive and help your community? Think about becoming a bus driver!

EMA is seeking local members of the community to help fill requests from three local school districts for bus driver support over the coming weeks. Twelve (12) drivers in all are requested and can accept those with and without CDL licensing. For those without a CDL license, there would be an additional week of training to ensure drivers meet state requirements, as well as the one week of procedures and route training for any volunteer driver (regardless of CDL status).

The request is for members who would be available for morning in-bound routes (generally 5:40 am to 9:30 am) and afternoon out-bound routes (generally 2:20 pm to 5 pm). Times may vary based on school district. Additionally, any volunteers that would also be able to help fill gap coverage for afternoon mid-day routes (generally 11 am to 1 pm) would be warmly welcomed!

School districts would facilitate training and any required BCI/FBI background checks required for working in a school setting. To reply to this request, please contact EMA at (937) 382-6673 as soon as possible.

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