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Long Term Food Storage Tip

When it comes to food storage, it is easy to get flustered about where to start, and if you are not careful, you can sink a lot of money into something you might not eat. I'm a picky eater, so I am very choosy on what I consider and what I ultimately buy.

When starting the conversation of starting to add to our current pantry, we started talking about adding a few cans and shelf-stable items here and there. We shop at COSTCO and Sam's Club, so if you buy more than one package of toilet paper you automatically fall into the category of hoarder ;)

I was recently "informed" of an option I didn't know existed, and you don't have to be a Mormon to use it. Believe it or not, Mormon's by their nature are considered preppers or self-reliant (depending on how you use the word/phrase).

In Ohio, there are two stores referenced as Bishop's Stores. One is in the Columbus area, and the other is in Cleveland. The one in Groveport is call the Groveport Ohio Welfare Home Storage Center and is open only on Saturday's and Monday's. What makes this a "Tip" to help you get started with long term food storage? You are being charged "their cost."

I'm a meat, bread, and potatoes guy so I'm picky about what I eat. I compared the price of mashed potatoes (canned with a 30 year shelf life) between a major survival food supplier and the one in Groveport.

Note: I have not yet visited this location yet, but plan to within two weeks of this writing (due to my schedule). I've been told that you don't have to be Mormon to shop the store, but I'll be able to provide more information after that visit.

  • The Bishop's store price for one #10 can of mashed potatoes with a 30 year shelf life: $7.28 per can, or $43.68 for a six can case.

  • Online store price for one #10 can of mashed potatoes with a 30 year shelf life: $17.95 per can, or $97.70 for a six can case.

My wife calls me thrifty, so you can guess which way I'm leaning ;)

Getting started with long term food storage doesn't have to require you dumping large amounts of cash for a solution. Use your head, ask around, look for deals, and ask your friends. You never know what little gem you might learn along the way.

Stay safe and Be READY for any emergency that life might throw your way!

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