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SWA 20230720

This is an update to NWS messaging shared on our FB page over the last couple of days, but provides some updated information as of 9 am today.

(10:30 am update) NWS ILN Wx Brief page is now active (this page auto updates with information from the NWS):

Update: The National Weather Service (NWS) has forecasted strong to severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging wind gusts, large hail, and excessive rainfall for Thursday (7/20) afternoon and evening. There’s an Enhanced Risk (Level 2/5) for Severe Wx (weather) today across northern Ohio. There is also a Marginal Risk (Level 1/4) across northwest Ohio and Slight Risk (Level 2/4) across northeast Ohio for excessive rainfall today. Damaging wind gusts and large hail are the main severe weather hazards. Torrential rainfall will likely accompany thunderstorms. Any flooding that occurs will likely be localized. Additionally, rotating thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes cannot be ruled out.

Note: The weather always gets a vote in what it decides to do, so stay weather aware in the event the risk increases.

Timing: Some thunderstorms possible this afternoon and evening. Severe thunderstorms are most likely from 4 pm to 10 pm. NWS weather graph data indicates more toward 5 pm to midnight tonight.

Recommendation: Review actions listed under keywords SEVERE and POWER at

NWS issued OnePager:

Probabilistic Tornado Graphic:

Probabilistic Damaging Wind Graphic:

Probabilistic Large Hail Graphic:

Weather balloon data from this mornings launch:

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PNM - Prepare Now Message for events with forecasted high severity or impact (e.g. tornado potential, power outage potential, et cetera).

SWA - Stay Weather Aware message for events with the potential of some local impacts (e.g. localized power outage potential, et cetera).

HUM - Heads Up Message for events that are too far off for certainty, but may become significant local threats. Intent is to provide advanced heads up for those with household issues to begin preparing for the potential of impact (e.g. medical, livestock, et cetera).

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