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Dam Failure

Hazard rank in the 2021 Clinton County Hazard Mitigation Plan (1 highest priority to 16 lowest priority): 13 (could be as a result of or result in localized Flooding dangers).​  Additionally, a dam failure could initiate or result in 2 Utility Failure and/or 5 Hazardous Materials release).

Dams and levees provide the citizens of Ohio with essential benefits such as water supply, flood control, recreation and irrigation. While dams have multiple benefits, they also represent a risk to public safety and economic infrastructure if they are not properly maintained. Each year Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Dam Safety engineers and staff conduct more than 300 detailed inspections of dams on a five-year schedule. These inspections are completed along major watersheds to gain field efficiencies and to inter-relate hydrology of dams in a watershed. Reports detailing necessary repair and maintenance are then provided to the owner. Dam Safety then seeks compliance as necessary for any deficiencies noted.


Clinton County Dam Data (PDF).

ODNR Dam Funder (link).

Association of State Dame Safety (link).

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