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EMA Publication Library

Links for helpful emergency management PDF documents for your use and reference.

Active Aggressor/Shooter:

  1. Be Prepared for an Active Shooter (2 page flyer).

Alerts & Warnings:

  1. FEMA Guide for Alerts & Warnings (40 pages).

  2. Know Your Alerts and Warnings (4 pages).

Business Emergency Planning:

  1. Business Emergency Response Plan (10 pages).

Car Safety:

  1. Heat Locked Cars Fact Sheet (3 pages).


  1. Helping Children Cope with Disaster (12 pages).

  2. Prepare with Pedro: Disaster Preparedness Activity Book (28 Pages).

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT): 

  1. CERT Basic Training (Instructors Guide) (367 pages).

  2. CERT Basic Training (Participant Manual) (268 pages).

Communications Plan:

  1. Family Communications Plan (2 pages).

  2. Create Your Family Emergency Communications Plan (8 pages).

  3. Family Emergency Communications Plan Card (2 pages).


  1. Implement Cybersecurity Measures Now to Protect Against Potential Critical Threats (2 pages).

  2. Be Prepared for a Cyberattack (2 pages).


  1. Responding to Drone Calls: Guidance for Emergency Communications Centers (2 pages).


  1. Earthquake Safety at Home (110 pages).

  2. Earthquake Preparedness: What every child care provider needs to know (11 pages).

  3. How to Prepares for an Earthquake (10 pages).

  4. Be Prepared for an Earthquake (2 pages).

Emergency Supplies:

  1. Emergency Supplies Listing (small, 2 pages).

  2. Emergency Supplies (FEMA kids, 1 pages).

Explosions/Blasts/Bomb Threat:

  1. Bomb Threat Procedures Checklist (1 page).

  2. Explosions and Blast Injuries Primer (7 pages).

  3. USPS Suspicious Mail/Package Graphic (1 page).

Finances & Critical Documents:

  1. Safeguarding Critical Documents and Valuables (3 pages).

  2. Your Disaster Checklist (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) (4 pages).

  3. Be Prepared for a Financial Emergency (2 pages).

  4. Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) (41 pages).

  5. Document and Insure your Property (6 pages).


  1. National Flood Insurance Program Fact Sheet (2 pages).

  2. Flooding & Homeowners Insurance (Postcard, 2 pages).

  3. Be Prepared for a Flood (2 pages).

General Preparedness:

  1. Prepare Now.

Hazardous Materials/Household Chemicals:

  1. Keep Your Family Safe from Household Chemicals (1 page).

Heat Illness/Injury:

  1. Heat Related Illness (1 page).

  2. Be Prepared for Extreme Heat (2 pages).


  1. Defensible Space (4 pages).

  2. Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business (2 pages).


  1. Preparing for and Mitigating Foreign Influence Operations Targeting Critical Infrastructure (3 pages). 


  1. Be Prepared for a Novel Pandemic (2 pages).

Pets & Animals:

  1. Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for Pet Owners (pamphlet, folded, 2-sided).

  2. Prepare Your Pets for Disaster (2 pages).

Power Outage:

  1. Be Prepared for a Power Outage (2 pages).


  1. Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for Older Americans (pamphlet, folded, 2-sided).

Severe Weather (Thunderstorm, Lightning, Tornado, Blizzard, et cetera):

  1. Be Prepared for a Thunderstorm, Lightning, or Hail (2 pages).

  2. Be Prepared for a Tornado (2 pages).

  3. Be Prepared for a Winter Storm (2 pages).


  1. Biological Attack: Human Pathogens, Biotoxins, and Agricultural Threats (6 pages).

  2. Radiological Attack: Dirty Bombs and Other Devices (4 pages).

  3. Be Prepared for a Nuclear Explosion (2 pages).


  1. Be Prepared for a Wildfire (2 pages).

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