Status Links for Clinton County

Weather Related

NWS Radar.png

National view of NWS weather radar.

NWS Radar.png

NWS national radar with GIS information (roads & cities).

NWS forecast for the Village of Blanchester.


Regional snow fall reports for the last 24 hours.

NWS Radar.png

NWS regional weather radar for the mid-Atlantic and Mid West.


Static link for NWS updates in advance of weather events.

NWS forecast for the Village of Sabina.


Lots of info for weather fans!

NWS Radar.png

NWS radar view of the ILN are of operations.

Watches and Warnings.PNG

Watches, Warnings, or Advisories active for the State of Ohio.

NWS Forecast for the City of Wilmington.


Flooding & Dams

Power & Gas

Road Conditions

Damage Assessment

Social Media Safety Check

Supply Chain

Space Weather