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The Clinton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) was created on 8 December 1989 by a joint countywide agreement amongst the County Board of Commissioners, the eight municipal councils, and the thirteen boards of township trustees.  The purpose of the agency is to coordinate disaster preparedness plans, emergency response communications and the management of resources needed during disaster situations.

EMA conducts various public awareness campaigns with local organizations and schools to promote safety in the home, school, and workplace.  The agency also works with the area businesses to develop safety plans for both the employee and the customer.

Funding for EMA comes from all twenty-two political subdivisions within Clinton County based on a per capita basis.  The Federal Government provides reimbursement funding for all administrative costs up to 50% via the Emergency Management Program Grant (EMPG).

We have been privileged in Clinton County to have excellent public safety agencies.  This includes nine (9) local fire districts, eight (8) life squad units, and seven (7) law enforcement agencies filled with dedicated men and women who volunteer their time to make this great community a safer place to life.


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