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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers are the lifeline to a community before, during, and after a disaster.   They can make, or their absence can break, a community.


Volunteers freely give of their time, talents, and skills to support friends, families, and neighbors to help strengthen community ties.  If you are looking for a way to help your community, consider one of the following:

BEFORE a Disaster or Emergency

BOX-14.  BOX-14 is an all volunteer support team to aid first responders during major & long duration events.  To receive text notices from BOX-14, text keyword BOX14 to 69310.

Council on Aging.  There's no substitute for the kind of knowledge and experience our older adults can boast! There are many organizations that recognize the value that they bring to the table, and seek their time and guidance on a volunteer basis. We encourage older adults to connect, create and contribute, and volunteering is the perfect way to do all three. 

EMA Volunteer Corps.  Help your community through being involved in disaster related exercises, training, or with public outreach.  Help to create a resilient community today!

DURING a Disaster or Emergency

EMA Volunteer Corps.  Help shape the response through enabling situational awareness and support to Incident Commanders during a major incident or disaster at a control center. 

AFTER a Disaster or Emergency

EMA Volunteer Corps.  Help your community recover after a disaster through being a member of a Damage Assessment Team, enable a logistics Point of Distribution, or fill other needs identified thru the Volunteer Reception Center, Family Assistance Center, or Disaster Recovery Center.

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