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EMA Plans

County Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP)

Natural, geological, and manmade hazards pose a variety of risks to the lives, businesses, and properties within Clinton County. As such, a Core Planning Committee within Clinton County has been established with the goal of developing and implementing the 2021 Clinton County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Through cooperative efforts between local, county, state, and federal government agencies, this Plan is designed to minimize the adverse effects of hazardous events on the lives and properties of residents of Clinton County.

Full plan with Appendices


HMP (Plan Only)

2. History and Demographics

3. Planning Process

5. Hazards Ranked

Hazard Specific Portions:

4.1. Dam Failure 

4.2. Drought

4.3. Drug Misuse and Addition

4.4. Earthquakes

4.5. Epidemic/Pandemic

4.6. Extreme Temperatures

4.7. Flooding

4.8. Hazardous Materials

4.9. Invasive Species

4.10. Landslides, Erosion, and Subsidence

4.11. Severe Summer Weather

4.12. Tornado and Severe Winds

4.13. Severe Winter Weather

4.14. Terrorism

4.15. Utility Failure

4.16. Wildfire

HMP (Appendices Only)


County Emergency Operations Plan

The purpose of the Clinton County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is to outline
predetermined emergency management activities and operations for agencies within the county
that will allow rapid response, efficient use of resources, and maximize recovery from

For access to the County EOP, please contact EMA.

ESF 0 Basic Plan

ESF 1 - Transportation

ESF 2 - Communications

ESF 3 - Public Works

ESF 4 - Firefighting

ESF 5 - Emergency Management

ESF 6 - Mass Care

ESF 7 - Resource Management

ESF 8 - Public Health and Medical

ESF 9 - Search & Rescue

ESF 10 - Hazardous Materials

ESF 11 - Animals & Agriculture

ESF 12 - Energy

ESF 13 - Law Enforcement

ESF 14 - Recovery

ESF 15 - Public Information

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