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A lockdown is an emergency measure in which a danger is detected inside a building and people are temporarily prevented from entering or leaving. 

  • During a lockdown, the goal is to quickly establish a secure location if you were unable to Run to Safety

  • This includes closing and locking doors and windows, closing shades, and turning off lights. 

  • Any fire alarms activated during a lockdown should be treated with suspicious since active shooters have been known to set them off. 

  • Everyone should gather in a safe corner of the room and remain in place until given an All Clear from law enforcement.

Actions to take during a LOCKDOWN:  
  • Lock your door (and/or barricade).

  • Close your window blinds.

  • Minimize any indication of presence (e.g. lights, music, et cetera).

  • Place your phone on silent (ensure vibrate mode is off as well).

  • Prepare to implement RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.

    • RUN: If you are in the immediate area of the incident, and can safely escape the area, do so now.

      • When you reach a safe location, and if you have information about the attacker, call 9-1-1 and report the following:​

        • Number of attackers?​

        • What they doing when you saw them last?

        • Last location you saw them and were they headed in a particular direction?

        • Description of the attacker, do you know who they are, what they were wearing (color of clothes, backpack, body armor, et cetera)?

        • What time did you last see them?

        • What weapons or equipment items did they have with them?

    • HIDE: If you are unable to escape, your goal is to get out of sight or to barricade yourself into a safe space.

    • FIGHT: Be prepared to fight for your life if you are located.  If hiding with others, prepare to swarm the attacker with any improvised weapons available (e.g. throwing books, stabbing with sharp or pointy objects, chairs, et cetera).

  • Do not attempt to leave the building or room unless danger is imminent.

  • Be prepared to ignore any fire alarm activation, as this may be an attempt to draw victims from hiding.

  • Wait until emergency personnel give you an "all clear!"

What to Expect AFTER a LOCKDOWN:
  • Law enforcement may or may not clear your area (depending on your proximity to the incident);

  • If law enforcement is entering your space, keep hands visible and empty;

  • Follow law enforcement's instructions and evacuate in the directly they tell you to.

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