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Are You Ready for Beggars Night?

You may have seen the question asked on social media a few hundred times over the last few weeks, "When is Halloween?"

It is always on 31 October. Beggars Night is not. That is the traditional term used for the night that kids go door to door to collect candy (and one year a tooth brush), from neighborhood homes. Today, it is more commonly called Trick or Treat, even though kids rarely engage in the trick portion thanks in part to the Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020.

In Ohio for most rural counites, the night is determined by the Sheriff, however, some urban jurisdictions may designate other nights. Again, for most rural counites Beggars Night has traditionally been the Thursday of the month of October.

But, why Thursday? This tradition goes back decades and I'm unable to locate the origin locally, but what I've learned is that it is the best night possible. It doesn't conflict with local Wednesday night services, nor with Friday night sporting events. Weekends are often busy for most families, so Thursday it has been for as long as I can remember (including that one year it snowed).

When ever and wherever you go, try to do something a little different this year.

  • Take your photos before and after you begin, so you can be present in the moment with your little ones. They will be excited and not realize safety hazards as they rush to the next house.

  • Make sure members of your group have a light source (e.g. flashlight, glow stick, et cetera). While your phone has a flashlight option, you really should keep it safely stowed and fully charged for an emergency. Plus, if you have it out, you might be tempted to check notifications that pull you from the moment with your family.

  • Stick to sidewalks and paths. If you run across a lawn, you may not see a hazard or decoration that could result in injury. Nothing brings down a fun outing than an injury that could have been avoided.

  • PRO-TIP: Put reflective stickers on the back of the costume where your little one(s) won't notice, but you and others can clearly see them. Helps to keep track of where they are and to be visible by drivers.

After a year+ of pandemic conditions, some young ones may be a bit excited about getting out...just make sure it is a safe and enjoyable time!

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