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Gas Leak

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

4:23 pm - Clinton Co EMA: Wilmington FD has lifted the Shelter-in-Place order & terminated the gas response. Return to normal activity. Thank you for your assistance. Four homes will remain without gas for the time being, as the gas repair crew will remain on scene to affect repairs well into the night.

*Note: There are several large holes in the area of the brake...please be mindful of where you are driving, so you don't end up in one of the holes because you were looking at one of the other two.

Observation from on-scene by a responder: Firefighters went knocking on doors of impacted homes, and there was no answer. Once the alert text went out, people started coming outside to see what was going on. #SignOfTheTimes ;)

4 pm - no change in status from on-scene.

3:41 pm - Wilmington Fire Department on-scene reports that the gas response team has completed two of three hole digs, and capped two of three gas lines. The area impacted is a "Y" intersection, so each line has to be isolated and capped. SIP order still in effect. The next update is expected close to 4 pm.

3:23 pm - Updated illustration of the impacted area in Wilmington:

2:59 pm - Check-in with on-scene responders indicate gas company response team on-scene and hard at work. One of three gas lines (Y connection) have been crimped, with two remaining. Shelter-in-Place (SIP) order still in effect. Please remain clear of the affected area and reduce exterior flame sources until further notice for those in the impacted area.

1:53 pm - Check-in with on-scene responders indicates gas company response crew has not arrived. Residents should expect to continuing to SIP for several more hours.

Crude map showing location of reported leak & area affected by the SIP message:

12:43 pm - Shelter-in-Place (SIP) link sent out via CCEA. Link:

12:40 pm - Request from Wilmington FD to send out message for Shelter-in-Place for residents in vicinity of Hiatt Avenue and Virginia Circle. Area extended:

  • Northward to the intersection of Lorish Avenue and Virginia Circle.

  • Southward to the intersection of Fischer Street & Virginia Circle.

  • Eastward to the intersection of Hiatt Avenue & Kathdryn Drive.

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