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House Checks

Don't let the Grinch, or anyone else, steal your Christmas this year while you are visiting loved ones!

If you are planning to be away for a day or more, consider contacting your local Law Enforcement office to request a house check! You can do this year round, so add it to your To-Do list the next time you get away for fun, work, or visiting family (not sure if that's fun or work 😉).

Do make a HOUSE CHECK request with your local PD, contact:

Clinton County Sheriff's Office: Call (937) 382-1611 and ask to be added to the House Check List. The prior request for is still active as well at

Blanchester: Call (937) 783-4702 and speak to the Police Clert to get added to the House Check List.

Sabina: Call (937) 584-2441 and talk to an officer, or leave a message with the address, period of time gone, and any other information.

Wilmington Police Department: Call (937) 382-3833, press 1 for Communications Center and request a HOUSE CHECK. The Dispatcher will ask you a few questions and get you scheduled.

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