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Project: DARK SKY

EMA is seeking your assistance with a new project focusing on a Long Term Power Outage.

EMA is going to conduct a Long Term Power Outage workshop for key government agency and department heads, and part of that workshop involves creating a list of pre-response, response, and recovery checklists. We'll create these by walking through several long term power outage scenarios spanning 3 to 30 Days.

Where you come in is by taking a quick survey to give some feedback on your level of preparedness for power outages. I'm hoping for a sample size of 381 surveys to provide a confidence level of 95% with a margin of error of 5%. By taking this survey, you'll help us get closer to that number.

In the coming months, I hope to do something similar, but with local residents.

The link for the survey is:

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this effort!

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