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Reminder: Trick or Treat is 31 Oct 2022

Just a reminder that Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer Jr. has set Trick O Treat night in Clinton County for Monday October 31, 2022 from 6pm to 8pm.

Some have asked why the night changes each year. I'm not a jack-o-lantern, but I'll try to thank like one and see if this Halloween logic cuts through some of the confusion:

  • Friday night for some involve local football, marching in a band, and cheering for your team, so that might not work very well...

  • Saturday night maybe date night for some, family night for others, and a chance to visit someplace interesting, so that might not work very well...

  • Sunday includes church, family time, cheering on the Bengals, and maybe returning from a trip with the family, so that might not work very well...

  • Wednesday night has youth group and church events, so that might not work very well...

So, Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday appear to be the most likely dates based on my pumpkin-sense. Times are a changing, but some traditions still continue on. Be safe this Halloween so you can enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends & family!

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