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Damage Assessment

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

What DAMAGE ASSESSMENT is: It is a quick FEMA process to help measure the magnitude of damage and impact of a disaster. The total number of homes DESTROYED, as well as the number rated with MAJOR, MINOR, and AFFECTED, can be critical in making Individual Assistance program support available through the Stafford Act.

What DAMAGE ASSESSMENT is not: This process is not related in any way or shape to the insurance claim process.

When is DAMAGE ASSESSMENT conducted? When a sufficient enough storm causes damage across a community, an assessment is conducted QUICKLY (12-36 hours depending on the severity and impact). Making an online report greatly speeds up the process, give local officials a better idea of the area impacted, and where to concentrate efforts. Waiting to the last minute is not helpful in this effort.

Ratings/Degrees of Damage:

  • Affected: a home is considered affected if the damage to the home is mostly cosmetic.

  • Minor: a home with repairable non-structural damage.

  • Major: a home with structural damage or other significant damage that requires extensive repairs.

  • Destroyed: the home is a total loss.

How it is rated: Use the following illustrations to help estimate the rating. Housing reported as MAJOR or DESTROYED will require photographic evidence from the Jurisdictional Damage Assessment Team.

Where to report damage after a serious storm (when requested by Clinton County EMA via a CCEA notification on your phone or by email):

STEP 1: Input the address information of the damage home. Only include the garage if it is attached to the home. Do not include out-buildings or barns.

STEP 2: Provide contact information. You can opt not to provide information, but that will require a visit if additional information is needed.

STEP 3: Select the Damage Level using the drop down box based on the photos. You can also refer to the information drawings below for more information/guidance.

STEP 4: You can upload images of the damage from your phone. This is extremely helpful and will save a lot of time.

STEP 5: Confirm the information and hit SUBMIT. Remember to select copy you on this report.

Damage Level Drawings:

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