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PNM 20230303

Is March going to enter like a lion or a disgruntled lamb? Either way, this is your prepare now message for the forecasted potential for severe weather for Friday, 3 March 2023.

Clinton County is at SLIGHT risk of severe weather that includes:

  • FLOODING for at risk areas (elevated risk)

  • DAMAGING WINDS (elevated risk)

  • Possible TORNADO (limited risk)

  • Area-wide STRONG WIND (limited risk)

EMA Emergency Notice Page is active:

NWS ILN Weather Brief Page is active:

Orion Damage Assessment Portal for local citizens & business owners to report damage for the 3 March 2023 weather is active:

If you are not signed up for free severe weather alerts, you can text the keyword CLINTONCOUNTYALERTS to the number 226-787 and you will be subscribed automatically. To unsubscribe, text the word STOP to 226-787 and you'll be removed.

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