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DAT Training

Damage Assessment Team (DAT) Training has been scheduled for Monday, 25 March 2024 from 5pm - 6pm. This training will be virtual and will train EMA Volunteers on how to enter damage into the Orion app following a disaster.

Damage Assessment must be completed within 72-hours of a disaster to identify scope and severity of community impact. The information from the assessment will quickly inform jurisdictions if the threshold has been met for State or Federal assistance.

Note: Damage Assessment (DA) is not connected with insurance (that is between you and your provider). DA identifies what provisions of government programs (i.e., Stafford Act) become available to the community.

Click HERE to sign-up for the training

EMA uses a system called Orion to quickly collect information from the community. Following a disaster, the Clinton County Emergency Alerts (CCEA) system would be used to send a link to residents to report damage. This request for information will quickly inform the county where and potentially how bad damage is following a disaster. To see what this would entail, see the information HERE.

Damage to a residence or business is ranked by not affected, AFFECTED, MINOR DAMAGE, MAJOR DAMAGE, and DESTROYED. During the training, members will input information that will be used to train county administrators on assessing the impact to the county.

There will be several steps necessary to be completed prior to the training day by each member. EMA will send out a checklist to help guide members in account setup, app download, syncing incident information, and the virtual link for the remote training.

Fore more information, please contact EMA at (937) 382-6673.


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