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2024 Eclipse

Updated: 7 days ago

Original Post Date: 5 February 2024

Based on this meeting.

Updated: 16 February 2024

YELLOW indicates updates/changes.


Planning information for your organization as it relates to the Solar Eclipse.  This calendar invite will be updated as significant information is obtain.  Otherwise, this is for your planning needs.


Note:  Clinton County falls outside the area of totality (it will get shady here, but not dark).


Date:  8 April 2024

Start:  3 pm (Greenville, Ohio)

End:  3:10 pm (Avon Lake [west Cleveland)

Earliest departure impact forecast to Clinton County:  4:15 pm (local estimate) 

Likely surge impact:  6:45 pm (local estimate)

Note: Evening work traffic drive time will become exacerbated by departing viewers.


Potential local impacts to…

Staffing:  Just-in-time (JIT) changes for time-off/staffing levels due to this historic event (next eclipse in north America in 2048);

  • Recommendation:  Review staffing & time-off policies to determine if a special posting to staff for the event is necessary/appropriate.


County Population Surge:  State estimates as part of planning estimated that Clinton County populations (residents, workers, and travelers) could surge from 42,018 to 63,027 for the day of the event (pass-thru traffic).


Safety & Security:  Elevated risk for traffic accidents and impacts to response times due to traffic;

  • Vast majority of state resources will likely shift to provide direct support to areas along the center line of total eclipse;

  • Potential for early spring severe weather events.


Food, Water, Shelter:  Greater demand for local services for travelers and the start of local agricultural activities;

  • Start of agricultural planting season with increased farm traffic on local roads and the transportation of agricultural chemicals for ground prep;

  • Greater demand for limited restaurant options at US 68 and Rombach avenue;

  • Amplified hotel demand by visitors unable to obtain rooms within the area of totality, or due to return travel delays.


Health and Medical:  Potential increased load to medical system via transient populations due to accidents or health issues, including home health staffing, and behavior health incidents;

  • Increased demand for air ambulance/evac services due to post event travel congestion.


Energy:  Higher demand for fuel by transient motorists along key corridors;

  • Higher than normal fuel demand from SR-73 and US 68 gas stations for traffic ingress/egress the event period.


Communications: Increased load to area wireless networks and public safety answering points (911);

  • State to conduct MARCS communications test in Dec 2023 to identify bandwidth concerns for an event of this magnitude;

  • Elevated cellular bandwidth demand in relation to increased traffic flow;

  • Increased likelihood of traffic mishaps and number of 911 calls.


Transportation:  Exponential increase in traffic on key traffic corridors prior to, and just after the event;

  • I-75 will be the most impacted in our region.

  • I-71 increase traffic between Cincinnati and Columbus (highly susceptible to traffic delays due to mishaps and evening drive time traffic);

  • US 68 and SR-73 from rural Ohio areas to and from the Dayton metro area;

  • US-22 by traffic looking to bypass accidents or traffic issues on I-71;

  • Increased likelihood of mishaps resulting in local “back-road” detours due to heavy traffic;


Hazardous Materials:  Elevated risk due to spring planting season and the potential for higher-than-normal traffic on local roads.

  • Support from GCHMU & mutual aid response would likely be delayed due to increased traffic along key traffic corridors;

  • Primary chemicals of concern would be JIT deliveries of fuel and nursing tanks with anhydrous ammonia.


School Plans by District:

  • Blanchester School District:  Pending

  • Clinton-Massie School District: Pending

  • East Clinton School District:  Normal operations (no trips/tours)

  • Wilmington School District:  CLOSED

  • Wilmington Christian Academy:  Early Release (12 Noon)

  • Wilmington College:  Normal operations


Historical Weather Day Of:  Average 61.3 (HI) to 41.6 (LOW) with 0.12” of precipitation (mostly cloudy).


Farming Resources that could tie in with the general public during the Eclipse:




Start Where You Are - Use What You Have - Do What You Can

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