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Alerts Update

Last night, some users received repeated notifications of a TORNADO WATCH, while others did not receive the initial notice.

In this instance, there was a problem with the feed used by our vendor to receive NWS issued alerts (via a Common Alert Protocol). This alert is sent as either NEW, CONTINUING, or EXTENDED. There are a few more options, but this will become clear shortly.

For our alerts, there are options on receiving them during set times (6 am to 11 pm) or to get them "24/7" regardless of time.

Note: TORNADO WARNING will be transmitted regardless of time of day.

When the initial TORNADO WATCH was issued, EMA noted that it was not received and started working with the support team to remedy. The feed was fixed at 11:54 pm (too late for those with their alerts set for 6 am to 11 pm delivery).

Those with their alerts set for "24/7" received their first notice at 11:54 pm. Then 10 minutes later another alert, and so forth through the night. EMA became aware of it when "Scott" posted and tagged EMA in a Facebook post. A short time later, and yes a few more annoying repeated alerts later, the issue was located.

The "24/7" alert setting for TORNADO WATCH was set for "NEW" "CON" and "EXT." It was the "CON" setting that was sending out the alerts. This has been corrected and will no longer send out "CONTINUING" alerts every 10 minutes.

If something similar should happen again, please reach out to EMA immediately via FB messenger or email ( Sometimes "we" don't check FB for hours.

If you would like to change your settings from any of the "24/7" settings to something more daytime friendly, please contact EMA at (937) 382-6673 during business hours (7 am to 4 pm) and we can get you sorted.

The recommended daytime worker settings recommended by EMA are shown below:

Please note that EMA will be out of the office on Wednesday for a regional Board meeting and to assist with Damage Assessments in one of our northern counties.

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