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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Clinton County Emergency Alerts (CCEA) is getting a big boost through its new provider Inspiration Logistics with the Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS), or CCEA 2.0 as we like to call it 😉.

What WILL NOT change:

  • Free to sign-up for residents and workers in Clinton County, Ohio (excluding any carrier cost/fees)

  • Provides National Weather Service weather alerts

  • Deliver important incident and disaster related information

What WILL change:

  • The phone number or short-code for your alerts will likely originate from 69310 or show the phone number of the organization/department that sent it (example: EMA will show 9373826673)

  • You pick the type of weather alerts you want and the option of 6am - 11pm or 24/7 anytime (Tornado over-ride will be regardless of time of day/night)

  • You can even select to receive ALL county weather alerts (or just enter your address and get those that impact you)

  • You can opt-in to receive updates for traffic alerts that are reported to EMA by first responders on-scene

  • You can opt-in to receive notices that apply to only a local city/village (e.g. gas leak, outage, et cetera)

  • You can opt-in for volunteer opportunities (all or disaster related only)

  • You can opt-in and provide household medical concerns that may affect your household during a disaster for targeted communications

  • PLUS a wide range of keyword opt-in options for local use coming over the next few months

The CCEA 2.0 alerts upgrade will enable EMA to partner with stakeholders to expand critical communication during an emergency or disaster to wider audiences.

Location based alerts, through use of an address, are still central to getting alerts that affect you. And, the ability to get alerts on other areas in the county may be essential to those who own rental property, businesses, or have loved ones in those areas.

Additionally, options will be coming to allow people to opt-in via a text to short-term or persistent notification lists for special events, seasonal flu vaccine announcements, and more.

Initial training of test partners will take place on Friday, 20 October, and the wider blitz to promote sign-ups will start the week of the 23rd. Additionally, the prior service will be used to help members verify that they are transferred to the new system and receiving the alerts. A large scale test is being planned for Monday, 6 November.

The most important note is that this is a FREE service of EMA.

EMA is partnering with a wide range of local organizations to help keep you informed during a disaster through use of keywords to opt-into local information lists. These can be short-term or persistent. Examples include Health Department, Agricultural Society (county fair), Farmer's Market, Convention & Tourism, local police departments, and more.

Service for the old system via RAVE will end on Saturday, 18 November 2023. The new system is live and open for sign-ups now. Sign-up here!

Stay tuned for more information!

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