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Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Indicates updated information.

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Update at 2:15 pm on Friday, 31 March 2023: Most likely risks are damage from strong straight line winds. If you are on the western edge of Clinton County, you are in the 5% risk area for tornado threats this evening. Those to the east of the brown line below are in a 2% risk for tornadoes (remainder of Clinton County). You should take this very serious and check your preparations for this evening. Timing will be late while most are asleep (after 10 pm).

Current risks for severe weather has SWO in the ENHANCED area: Numerous severe storms possible, more persistent and/or widespread, a few intense.

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Update at 9 am on Friday, 31 March 2023: Risk for Severe Weather is increasing with all of Clinton County now shown in at a SLIGHT risk, and locations to our west now in the ENHANCED risk area. Please stay weather aware this evening and into the overnight period.

Clinton County is now showing at a 2% chance of a tornado occurring within this area. This a very low threat to life and property of an isolated tornado of F0 to F1 intensity possible: Minor tornado damage; damage to chimneys, a few downed trees and power lines, large signs blown over, damaged porches and screen houses, and damaged lighter-weight outbuildings. Tornado wind speeds of 73 mph or less.

Larger area view of the forecasted tornado risk for today:

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Original Post

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This is your Prepare Now Message for two events:

  • NWS forecasted SLIGHT risk of Severe Weather on Friday, 31 March;

  • Strong winds with potential for tree and power line impacts. Forecasted wind gusts of up to 52 mph for Clinton County Saturday afternoon.

Initial Analysis: Recent precipitation totals, combined with additional forecasted totals, could add further to current soil saturation, enabling high winds over Friday night and Saturday to potentially upend trees. In some areas, there could be a higher than normal occurrence of power outages. Higher rated winds for Saturday afternoon could result in some structural damage.

NWS issued OnePager in advance of the weather threat:

Weather graph data as of 6:33 am on Friday, 31 March for the forecasted period of Friday and Saturday:

Graphic updated as of 6:33 am on Friday, 10 March:

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Recommended Actions:

Review actions and begin implementing as they apply to your situation. Use keywords SEVERE and POWER at

If you have a member of your household that has serious medical conditions and require an electrically powered medical device? Then you may want to look into the following programs from our area providers.

AES Program: (look under the Power outage FAQs questions for "I have special medical condition and rely on electricity to keep medical equipment running..."

The Emergency Notices Page is not active as of this post, but if the situation continues to deteriorate, you can check for information on What to Do, What NOT to DO, Where to Go, Where to Avoid, and additional information.

If you have not signed up for Emergency Alerts (if you did not receive a text with the link to this post, you are not signed up), you may want to sign up using one of two different methods.

  1. Option #1 (see phone image) is to text to opt-in for all county level alerts.

  2. Option #2 is to create an account with alerts that just impact the address you provide. You can provide up to 15 addresses (e.g. home, work, school, rental properties, parents, kids, et cetera). Each address has to be located within Clinton County.

Event Organizers: If you are holding an event over this period and are interested in receiving Weather Observation messages (text or email via DTN Wx Sentry) to support your decision making for any outdoor related activities for the areas listed below, please contact EMA to be added (no cost).

  • Blanchester

  • Clarksville

  • Lees Creek

  • New Vienna

  • Port William

  • Sabina

  • Wilmington

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