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Road Closures

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Last updated at 4:42 pm on Tuesday, 27 December 2022.

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The following is a consolidated list of road closures reported to EMA:

Adams Township:

  • [Reopened afternoon of 27 Dec 2022] Hadley Road at the Z curve due to persistent drifts.

Green Township:

  • [Reopened morning of 25 Dec 2022 ] Lacy Road from SR-28 to Laymond Road.

  • [Reopened evening of 24 Dec 2022] Nobel Road from the village of New Vienna to Township Line.

  • [Reopened evening of 24 Dec 2022] Thornburg Road at SR-73 to Clark Road.

Marion Township:

  • [Reopened afternoon of 24 Dec 2022 ] Tar Pike closed between SR-28 to Second Creek Rd for line repairs. No ETA for reopening at this time.

Union Township:

  • [Reopened afternoon of 24 Dec 2022 ] US 68 closed between SR-73 and Center Road due to downed power lines.

  • [Reopened morning of 24 Dec 2022 ] Starbucks Rd Closed between US-22 & Prairie Rd for lines down.

Wilson Township:

  • [Reopened morning of 24 Dec 2022 ] Spencer Road closure due to down electric/comms pole between Stone and Sabina Road.

Warren County side:

  • [Reopened late evening of 26 Dec 2022 ] Ward-Koebel Road for an accident between Settelmeyer Rd & Wilmington Rd.

For state road closures, visit:

No other reports at this time. Elected officials or First Responders can contact EMA to make additions or modifications to this list.

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